Advisory Board

Lisa Rein, M.A.

Lisa Rein, M.A. is the Digital Librarian for the Timothy Leary Archives, a cofounder of Creative Commons, and a consultant for Ray Kurzweil’s She is currently coauthoring a book, Faster Than You Think, with Ben Goertzel and Stephan Bugaj.
She is a singer/songwriter/musician performing regularly in San Francisco and New York City. Her music can be found at
Lisa is a cofounder of Creative Commons, and was its first Technical Architect. She taught XML and developed courses in XML for the University of California at Berkeley Extension Online from 1999–2002. She was also a member of the W3C’s RDF Schema Working Group.
Lisa has been a freelance journalist since 1997 writing for Wired News, CNET, h+ Magazine, and many others. She was a Contributing Editor and Resource Guide Editor for and O’Reilly’s P2P Directory from 1997–2001.
In 1995, Lisa had the honor of editing Dr. Timothy Leary’s last published work, the graphic novel Surfing the Conscious Nets.
Read her The Singularity Takes A Bite Out of the Big Apple. Follow her Twitter feed. Visit her Facebook page. Read her LinkedIn profile and her blog.