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Len Rosen

Len Rosen is owner of 21st Century Tech Blog.
21st Century Tech Blog examines how technology and scientific discovery will progress in the 21st century looking at all aspects of human-planet interaction. Subject areas include energy, agriculture and land use, urban development, climate change, transportation, biomedicine, mining, manufacturing, space, and the military.
Len was previously Managing Director at MERV Canada; VP Business Development & Communications at Enable Consultants; Community Development Coordinator at Canadian Blood Services; Consultant, Business Development at OrderTV; Marketing Director at First Base Solutions; Business Development Manager at Children’s Technology Workshop; VP at Esh Software; Consultant at Unimax; Marketing Consultant at netForensics; VP Business Development at Computer Associates; Marketing Manager at Kolvox Communications; Marketing Manager, Documentalist at Choreo Systems; and Publisher’s Rep & Acquisitions’ Editor at Prentice Hall.
Len earned his BA in Islamic Studies and Medieval History at University of Toronto in 1973.
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