Advisory Board

Laura Schlehuber

Laura Schlehuber is Actuarial and Human Resources Consultant at Ernst & Young.
Laura’s areas of expertise include providing advisory services related to employee benefits, primarily in the areas of defined benefit pension plans and retiree welfare plans, human resource and payroll service delivery design and transformation, benchmarking, human resource and payroll audit reviews, and process assessments.
She is currently completing her Master’s of Science in Foresight at the University of Houston. Foresight is a multi-disciplinary study of change and its implications in the context of the future. It synthesizes insights from a wide variety of fields including economics, engineering, sociology, politics, systems theory, creativity, and community building. As a multidisciplinary field, futurists tend to build domains or areas of expertise. Futurists do not predict the future; rather they seek to uncover the range of alternative futures. Foresight fuses intuitive strategic thinking with pragmatic strategic planning, helps organizations prepare for plausible futures by increasing the adaptability of their strategies. Futurists with a wide variety of values and social commitments comprise the field. They are employed as consultants, writers, workshop facilitators, public speakers, teachers, government employees, and social activists. All find expression in the tools, information, and knowledge they gain during their studies of futures.
Laura earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and Statistics at Southern Methodist University in 2006.
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