Advisory Board

Kristina Dahl

Kristina Dahl is Media Consultant at Lane Communications, Publisher of The Lane Report; Producer/Partner at Flyte Aerial Imaging; and Innovation Lab Coordinator at The Learning Center at Linlee.
Kristina’s professional experience has many layers. She has worked as an independent advertising manager, been a partner in an advertising agency, served as a healthcare public relations coordinator, managed nationally traveling event productions, and has managed digital and print sales for weekly print publications.
Her current passion and focus is to promote collaboration between post-secondary education and leaders of innovation, business, and community.
She was previously Media Consultant at HLMedia, Production Coordinator at iHigh, Board Member at FutureLab Foundation, Producer at Seersucker Productions, and Public Relations Coordinator at Samaritan Hospital.
Kristina earned her B.S. in Integrated Strategic Communications at University of Kentucky in 2000.
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