Advisory Board

Kostas Hatalis, M.S.

Kostas Hatalis, M.S. is currently an Electrical Engineering PhD student and works as a Research Assistant in the Applied Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory at Lehigh University. He also holds a M.S. in Computer Science, a B.S. in Computer Science and Business, and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University. His work looks into the design and analysis of adaptive machine learning algorithms and multiagent based communication and market architectures for application in the domain of power networks to create what the Department of Energy dubs the “smart grid”.
His specialties include stochastic processes, optimization, neural networks, data mining, biologically inspired computational intelligence, and intelligent decision systems. His personal interests include the study of artificial general intelligence, futurism, the social and economic ramifications of AI and robotics in society, and the philosophy of transhumanism.
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