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Khannea Suntzu

Khannea Suntzu is a critical thinker, conceptual artist, social commentator and artist, living in the Netherlands. She is a supporter of radical personal self-empowerment, radical democratization and extending fundamental human rights, including a global basic income and per country an additional national basic income. Student of interaction design, philosophy, game design, virtual reality design, and a second life evangelist.
In everyday life Khannea is a fierce hedonist. Khannea is a transwoman.
After 30+ years deep experience in “scenario building exercises”, Khannea insists that the most pressing concerns for this planet are energy source depletion, specifically peak oil. At Transvision 2010 she argued the most ideal (and sadly — *nearly unaffordable*) solution to that conundrum would be SPS (space power systems) at best, … or a radical change in the international policies regarding global energy at worst.
She also argues that we have been seeing a severe scientific mischaracterization of “unemployment” — her claim is that since the late 90s each year unemployment has risen 1 to 2 % (in real terms, *not doctored government statistics*) and takes lessons from places such as the former Soviet Union show — the resulting collapse of such processes of societal dysfunction can lead to “existential risks”, especially if elites move ever more ruthlessly to consolidate what they consider is “theirs”. Khannea has argued insistently that the only way of making sure a “Singularity” doesn’t kill great slices of humanity is to make sure we instill society with the values we want to inherit beyond a Singularity. We’ll get the Singularity we deserve.
Khannea is not employed, and not looking. She has formally retired, and lives in the Netherlands, but insists on a shamelessly minimalist and hedonistic lifestyle, with very few respect for social taboo, white noise, or sugarcoating.