Advisory Board

Kevin Barnes

Kevin Barnes is the CEO and Founder of Blocksafe and serves as Chairman of the Board of Blocksafe Holdings. He is an experienced computer scientist, developer and network architect, US Army veteran, Lifetime NRA member, entrepreneur, visionary, and philanthropist.
Prior to founding Blocksafe, Kevin spent 10 years developing paywall and content delivery solutions for companies including Kaiser Permanente. During this time he built deep skills in Coldfusion, Flash Media Server, and network architecture. He also developed a Facebook-approved ad publishing system, which resulted in a successful exit.
In 2013, Kevin was introduced to Bitcoin and found his true passion. After developing a few crypto solutions such as Bitcoin video and crypto philanthropic platforms using Gocoin API, he realized that the proper application of blockchain technology will make a profound difference to the world.
Kevin received his formal education in computer science from Chattanooga College. He serves as advisor to BlockchainBTM Inc.,, and is also an Advisory Board Member for the Cryptor Trust.
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