Advisory Board

Dr. Ketan Patel

Ketan Patel, M.D. is Medical Director at Genomix Canada.
After completing his residencies in Family and Emergency Medicine, Ketan joined Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor, Ontario) as an Emergency and Trauma physician. Concurrently, he established two busy community programs: Windsor-Essex HealthyHeart Program (which in 2004, was nominated runner-up for the nation’s Best Physician-Pharmacist team) and the Ambulatory Procedures program, lovingly referred to as the Lumps & Bumps Clinic.
In 2007, Ketan launched the multidisciplinary care programs at the Integrated Circle of Care, Inc. in London, Ontario. This clinic served the greater London community in the areas of: general/family medicine, eye care, wound care, pain/injury management, addiction medicine, clinical research trials (Phase II to IV), and medical skin care. As a mentor to Ontario physicians interested in pain and addiction medicine, he frequently serves as speaker and clinical trainer in these areas. Recently, Ketan and his team have been conducting research and development in the areas of Genomics and Personalized Medicine (the use of predictive genetic tests in long-term health planning) and workplace injury case management.
Patients travel to London, Ontario from a wide range of communities to seek his unique PainCARE™ and FibroCARE™ multi-faceted care approach.
Ketan earned his B.Sc. in General Science at the University of Ottawa in 1995. He earned his M.D. at the University of Toronto Medical School in 1999. He did his Residency at the University of Ottawa from 1999 to 2002.
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