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Dr. Joseph Voros
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Dr. Joseph Voros

Joseph Voros, Ph.D. is Adjunct Professor of Foresight at the Swinburne Business School in the Faculty of Business and Law in Melbourne, Australia. He teaches courses in Big History and Futures Studies.

Joe has been a professional futurist in Futures Studies and Strategic Foresight for more than 20 years, with other similarly-multidisciplinary fields such as astrobiology, SETI, Big History, and Cosmic Evolution.

His research has been focused on developing frameworks for improving foresight process methodology, while more recent work has increasingly been concerned with using those methodological frameworks as the basis for examining and profiling the future of humanity and human civilization, including various aspects of the coming “civilizational transition”. This research is now being compiled and Joe is on his way of earning his second Ph.D. in Future Studies on a generalized methodological framework for applying strategic foresight.

Joe started his career by spending several years in internet-related companies and was also a Channel Programs Manager and Systems Engineer for the Asia and Pacific region at Netscape Communications between 1997 and 1998.

In 2000, he became a Foresight Consultant on a special project at the former Australian Foresight Institute. He was then appointed as a strategic foresight analyst in the top-level strategic planning unit at Swinburne University of Technology, in which role he was involved in the building of an organizational strategic thinking capacity based on foresight concepts and methodologies.

In 2003, he joined the academic staff of the Master of Strategic Foresight program, researching and lecturing on the theory and practice of foresight in organizations and society. Three articles from his Generic Foresight Process framework series have won research excellence awards, including the 2010 Outstanding Paper Award for the best paper in the 2009 volume of the journal Foresight. He also re-designed, convened, and for several years taught, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) unit on Corporate Strategy.

Since then, he held many different positions, among others were Strategic Foresight Analyst, Acting Director, Master Program Coordinator and Director, and since 2003 a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Foresight.

Joe earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics on the electrodynamics of Einstein’s non-symmetric unified field theory in 1996 from Monash University.

He has won several research excellence awards and holds a number of professional memberships and editorial positions for international journals. Among others he won International, Outstanding Paper Award from Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence in 2010, and was in the Top 3 in International Most Important Futures Works from the Association of Professional Futurists in 2008.

As well, Joe has been a board member at Foresight (journal) since 2007, European Journal of Futures Research since 2013, and a board member of Journal of Big History since 2016. In the past, he has been a board member of On the Horizon (journal), International Big History Association, and Journal of Integral Theory and Practice (2008–2013).

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