Advisory Board

José Simões

José Simões is Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer FOKUS and Ph.D. Candidate at TU Berlin.
José has graduated with distinction in Telecommunications and Computer Engineering in 2006 at ISCTE – IUL, Portugal. He also studied at UFSC in Brazil. In the past he has worked for Netcall as Network Engineer and Business Consultant.
His current interests are user perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) applied to next generation networks and services, focusing on advertising solutions. His research work also includes social networks, data mining and context-aware technologies. Over the last 3 years he has coauthored more than 25 scientific papers and has spoken in more than 15 academic and industry worldwide events.
José coauthored Understanding and Predicting Human Behavior for Social Communities, The Human side of the Future Internet, The Future of Services in Next Generation Networks, Contextualized User-Centric Multimedia Delivery System for Next Generation Networks, Supporting Context-Aware Multiparty Sessions in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks, Smart Advertising in the Home of the Future, What happens when you mix Social Networks, Contexts, and Mobile Advertising in the same glass?, and Enabling Next Generation Multimedia Social Services.
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