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Jon Newton

Jon Newton runs, which he founded, under Creative Commons licensing. went online in August, 2002, as the first Internet web page to carry daily, frequently updated news, stories, features and commentaries on digital media, distributed computing and associated technologies and events which haven’t been spun, filtered and pre-digested by vested corporate interests. places special emphasis on freedom of speech and p2p sharing. p2pnet stories are carried by sites and lots of all descriptions everywhere online.
Jon is a former professional journalist specializing in investigative reporting. He’s written for The Toronto Star, Canadian Business Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The Wall Street Journal and the Reader’s Digest, among many other publications in North America and elsewhere; and, has worked on a number of television productions. He was also the former managing editor of Canada’s Direct Access, a national newspaper for information technology specialists, editor of Computer Graduate, a national Canadian magazine, and electronics editor of market news, a national Canadian trade publication.
He authored Next Limewire to Block Files, File-Sharers Fighting the Good Fight in Canada, Big-Four Fight Gaining Ground, Slowly but Surely, Foiled in France: Apple’s New Tub of Hot Water, Oxford University on Pirate-Whacking Campaign, New Year, Same Old Story, Curious Moves on the P2P Playing Field, It’s a Mad, Mad, IP World, Google and the Chinese Government, Which Way for P2P: An Interview with StreamCast CEO Michael Weiss, and Apple Caught Again in Rumor Mill.
Born in London, England, Jon started out as an art student but turned to words when he discovered he wasn’t likely to be a serious challenge to Picasso. He and his wife, Liz, and daughter Emma, who turned 11 in 2007, live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
Jon plays blues and folk guitar, the digeridoo, hand drums, harmonica — and computer (wink).