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John Oseni

John Oseni is Cofounder and CTO of Gofree and the Founder of UltereX, a nature-powered technological company in the United States. He is a Blockchain and Full-Stack Developer, an Entrepreneur, a philosophical thinker, a contributor to the human ecosystem, and a high school graduate of Command Day Secondary School Akure.

John was recognized as one of the top 100 child prodigies in the world by the Dubai government and was presented the Global Child Prodigy Award in Dubai following his accomplishments under the technology category.

John is a firm believer in African tech changing the world. Although he started his career in software technology, he quickly became interested in the possibilities beyond software development.

John is the blockchain lead developer for several crypto companies, including Flywallet and the Italian-based company, Cryptonite, and is being paid in dollars equivalent to millions of Naira. He recently joined the US-based cryptocurrency team, Eastcoin as a blockchain developer.

In 2021, John founded UltereX (previously called FutureX), a nature-powered tech company. The plan is to use the planet’s energy to power existing and future technology. UltereX plans to produce gadgets and transport systems that run on air, water, solar, and other naturally abundant elements to drastically reduce the global carbon footprint and ensure a greener, more sustainable planet.

John is a Yoruba by birth and comes from the South Western Zone of Nigeria. His first exposure to tech came when he was 14 years old. The Akure-based tech hub, Green Garage, visited his school to teach the students about computers. He continued there to get more experience by also borrowing laptops from other people and cleaning the building in exchange for coding classes.

John has trained 20–25 persons including corps members who paid the institution to learn. He later broadened his scope of learning by delving into blockchain and started getting referrals. He then worked for other companies free of charge and began writing code full-time in 2021.

John’s first job was to develop a website. Later, John joined GitHub and became the youngest blockchain developer on the website. He got to work on different projects, including the Ethereum Smart contract version 2. Shortly after, John worked on different projects, getting paid in crypto. He went on to make his first million naira at 15. He gets paid in crypto because his Naira account can’t take more than N1m ($2,400).

John still had to finish secondary school and was combining jobs with his WAEC exams. In 2021, he received his Waec result with 7 As. John went on to build his school’s result-checking web page.

John received several awards. Besides the award as being the Young Achiever of the Year, he received an award from the Nigerian Army, and a series of other awards from recognized figures and entities in the society, recognizing his contribution to the society at large, making him one of the most sought after young Genz teenagers in Africa, and has also appeared in over 30 to 35 news media features.

The young CEO is making plans to pursue his education with a Ph.D. in computer engineering. He has also created the “first-ever blockchain video-conferencing application”.

“When I started this, someone said it was not possible, but after spending months on research and receiving a lot of discouragement, I created the first blockchain-based video-conferencing application that is decentralized and secured. It has unique features to that of Google Meet and Zoom.”

John held on to a quote by Elon Musk which is “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”

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Visit his LinkedIn profile and his GitHub page. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.