Advisory Board

John Light

John Light is an entrepreneur and Bitcoin consultant with a love for disruptive technology. After starting a degree in International Business Management at Northern Virginia Community College, John decided that he preferred a more hands-on learning experience, and took on the position of business manager at the independent media startup ADAM VS THE MAN. After helping to build out the operations and expand the audience through effective social media marketing, he left AVTM to pursue his dreams of improving the world with technology.
Now, after relocating to the most exciting tech hub in America — the Bay Area / Silicon Valley — he is ready to put his best ideas to the test by forming strong partnerships with technology developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors, and together launching winning projects that will change the world for the better.
John authored Universal Reputation Rating Systems: Problems and Solutions, Universal Reputation Rating Systems: The Future of Trust in a Networked Society?, and Creating a Secure Personal Cloud Community.
John would like to network with software and web developers who are interested in Bitcoin and other p2p technology. InfoSec knowledge a plus.
Read his LinkedIn profile and his blog. Follow his Twitter feed.