Advisory Board

John C. Shiffer, J.D.

John C. Shiffer, J.D. is a seasoned Yale law buyer’s side M&A specialist with over 12 M&A integration deals including an IPO launch on NYSE. He is highly skilled at understanding entrepreneurial motivation and managing expectations assuring the best deal for acquirers. He is a proven M&A process leader with the exceptional ability to source acquisitions and accomplish high levels of M&A integration performance.
John has demonstrated complex negotiation skills on four M&A deals as a private investor resulting in three mergers on NASDAQ. He facilitated these M&A deals by horizontally integrating operations while managing seller’s discontent and objections resulting in three new companies with an average combined market share increase of 815%.
He managed over 12 cross functional M&A teams with the respect and trust by executives, engineers, entrepreneurs, bankers, lawyers, and senior managers negatively impacted by M&A integration. He consolidated employee matrices for successful execution of post-close M&A integration plans achieving lean organization with operational excellence.
John sourced acquisitions and negotiated M&A deals by identifying tech innovations to large company needs. He excelled at using industry knowledge to accelerate the M&A process by systematically persuading entrepreneurs that M&A was their best exit option.
He vetted and completed due diligence for over 25 acquisition targets prior to recommending them for M&A integration. He integrated M&A deals by educating small tech companies on the M&A process and assisting several M&A team in negotiations.
John streamlined M&A due diligence by identifying potential misrepresentation, financial omissions, filing, and accounting errors resulting in a higher volume of successful post-close M&A deals.
John earned his B.A. in Anthropology at University of Arizona Honors College in 1998 and his J.D. at Yale Law School in 2001.
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