Advisory Board

Joana Lemos

Joana Lemos is interested in almost everything.
Her main areas of interest are Psychology, Philosophy, and Arts (Literature, Cinema, and Music).
Other areas of interest: All, except numbers (profoundly incapable in the latter :-)…)
Specifics: Mental health, phenomenology, existence, psychopathology, human relations, knowledge, feelings, existentialism and existentialists, human potential, love and passion in the quest to be oneself, different approaches to the world and the way they all seem to be somehow connected, the brain and the unknown, etc.
What she likes: passion, dedication, global and interdisciplinary views, thinking, suffering, smiling, laughing, discovering, justice, feeling other’s needs, reading, questioning, researching, dreaming, discovering new things, stories, listening, finding out that there are questions that will probably never be answered, etc.
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