Advisory Board

Jens Wiechers

Jens Wiechers is President at Kryptos, Executive Director and Editor pro tem at Blockchain — An Interdisciplinary Research Journal, Member of Regional Directorate: Germany and Advisor to the Board at College Cryptocurrency Network, Member of the Board at the Dogecoin Foundation, Cofounder at Retrobrain, Partner at Riskful Thinking Ventures, Advisory Board Member at Very Charity, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Mensa Germany, Team Member at Irrepressible Voices, Psychometrician at the Triple Nine Society, Member of the Board of Trustees at MinD-Stiftung gGmbH, and Member of the Global Shapers Community — Hamburg Hub at the Global Shapers Community.
Jens is also Member of the Executive Committee at the Triple Nine Society, Advisory IT Specialist at the Prometheus Society, and Media Outreach at the SENS Research Foundation.
Jens is a data scientist at heart with a research interest in the behavioral and psychological basis for social, economic, and political behavior with a strong focus on quantitative analysis, (bayesian) statistics and psychometrics. He was an early supporter of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and has been involved in the running of several mining pools and other ventures. Lately, he’s in love with dogecoin and its community.
A programmer for most of his life, he started with C and C++ as a child, but nowadays get things done in C# and R. He is an ardent supporter of Ruby and has been since long before it went on RAILS. He’s also, while not a fan of the language, tamed a Python or two. He’s used SPSS, Mathematica, and MATLAB extensively, but prefers R.
Jens prefers working in the background and has advised researchers and organizations on scientific results and the interpretation of data, data analysis methods, and experimental design best practices. He’s written research reports and developed and implemented experimental designs as well as data analysis solutions for small and big data analysis in academic and business contexts.
He’s managed and advised people and companies on the technical and social aspects of online communities and founded and (co-) administered websites and communities in the video game industry, modding and hobby game development scene, as well as the music industry and the nonprofit sector with several sites having millions of monthly visitors and tens of thousands of concurrent users at some point. He’s also managed internet radio stations, IRC networks, and various other services over the years.
Jens divides most of his time between Hamburg and Cologne with regular visits to Friedrichshafen, Munich, and Berlin.
Jens earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Cultural Management, Political Management and Governance at Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen in 2014. He also studied Computer Science, Philosophy, and Physics at the University of Cologne and Politology (Democracy Theory) at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.
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