Advisory Board

Jennifer S. Groff, MEd

Jennifer S. Groff, MEd is VP Learning & Program Development at Learning Games Network and Cofounder of Center for Curriculum Redesign. She is also advisor to the OECD Innovative Learning Environments project.
Jen is an educational engineer, researcher, and learning designer, who is passionate about redesigning learning environments to put learning and full cognitive development of each learner at the heart of the system. Her work largely focuses on systems for learning, designing better innovations for learning and better learning environments that align with the learning sciences.
She is a former teacher and educational alchemist whose work focuses on educational innovations and technologies, as well as system innovation and design. She has numerous publications on unblocking innovation in education systems, transformation and design over educational reform, and the “whole-mindedness” pedagogical approach.
Previously, Jen was a US-UK Fulbright Scholar at Futurelab Education in Bristol, United Kingdom, where she continued her work on system innovation and researched the use of console-games in Scotland’s schools. She holds a master’s degree in educational technology from the University of Delaware and a master’s degree in neuroscience in education and organizational change from Harvard University. For her innovative teaching in the K-12 classroom, she was named a Microsoft Innovative Teacher Leader in 2005 and a Google Certified Teacher.
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