Advisory Board

Jason Reagan

Jason Reagan is a Communications Specialist / Tech Evangelist / Drone Blogger. He is Director of Communications and Membership Relations at the Hound Ears Club, Tech Industry Blogger and “Geek Evangelist” at
Jason is an innovative communications professional with 18 years of combined experience in sector management (retail/media/educational), communications/news, marketing, and information technology. He is also a blogger and “geek evangelist” in the area of emerging tech and science.
His recent articles include Database Reveals Commercial Niche for Military Drones, 5 Anti-Drone Solutions That Could Change the Game, Drones Make the World Better, Indiegogo Project Puts a Drone in Your Wallet, and Over the Sea: Drones Help Map, Preserve Reefs.
Jason was previously Adjunct Faculty (Media) at Appalachian State University, Group Editor/Executive Editor at Mountain Times Publications, Executive Editor at Monroe County Advocate, Business Editor/Copy Editor at Goldsboro News-Argus, and Managing Editor/Staff Writer Crossville Chronicle/The Glade Sun.
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