Advisory Board

Janna Raye

Janna Raye is Founder and Chief Designer at StrateGems Fractal Organization Designs and Team Building Seminars Leader at Raindance Spa at the Lodge at Sonoma.
StrateGems was founded by Janna, a dynamic systems thinker and speaker who has worked with a wide variety of organizations to improve their flow of information and resources. She currently offers leadership and team-building seminars through Raindance Spa at the Lodge at Sonoma.
Through decades of research, development, and testing, she has discovered that Fractal Organizations are the emergent, leading-edge system for the 21st century because they mimic the evolutionary adaptability found in natural hierarchies. StrateGems is the leader in training, facilitating, and consulting with leadership teams to utilize their human and financial resources for best outcomes in Fractal Organizations.
Janna earned her B.A. in Humanities and her Certificate in Professional and Technical Writing from San Francisco State University and gained Master Certification in Intuition Medicine from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in Sausalito, an experiential training center specializing in information and energy-based approaches for wellness.
She has spoken at both state and national human resources and educator conferences on reducing workplace stress, including the NCHRA (Northern California Human Resources Association) and the NCCEP (National Council for Community and Education Partnerships) as well as local business networking events. She has mentored a child through high school graduation with the Sonoma Valley Mentor Alliance, participated as a leader in the Challenge Sonoma Adventure Ropes Course (an experiential team-building program on Sonoma Mountain), and is a backyard farmer.
Watch 1: Fractal Organizations vs. Top-Down Hierarchies, 2: Living with the intelligence of nature, and 3: Leadership Through Shared Vision. View her Facebook page. Read her LinkedIn profile. Follow her Twitter feed.