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Jamie R. Guined

Jamie R. Guined, MEd, MBA, CSCS, FMS is Exercise Scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center.
Jamie currently serves as Exercise Scientist in the Neuroscience Laboratory’s Motion Lab at the NASA Johnson Space Center. The focus of her research conducted in the Motion Lab is to better understand how spaceflight produces changes to balance and gait control, and the development of effective countermeasures and training programs that will facilitate recovery and mobility after long-duration spaceflight.
Prior to joining the Neuroscience Laboratory, she served as an Exercise Scientist with the Exercise Physiology & Countermeasures Project, also at the NASA JSC. where she conducted physiologic, medical requirements, and human performance testing and research of International Space Station & Space Shuttle crewmembers. In addition to her responsibilities in the Neurosciences Laboratory, she served as the Lead for clinical stress testing during 2009 and 2013 astronaut selection campaigns.
An active member of the spaceflight community and industry, Jamie also serves as the Exercise Science adviser to Mars One, CapCom for the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station, and as Business Development Officer for Astronauts4Hire. In late 2012, Jamie founded a commercial spaceflight training services company, LAUNCH, which offers fitness and exercise countermeasures services, baseline and post-flight human performance data collection, physiologic monitoring services, post-flight reconditioning, continuing education for fitness and medical professionals interested in providing services in the niche spaceflight market, and research consultation.
Prior to coming to Johnson Space Center, Jamie served as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Medical Fitness Director at a regional hospital where she worked with patients at every stage along the wellness continuum. She has also served as a part-time physical education faculty member for Darton State College, and currently serves as a science faculty member for the University of Phoenix.
Her papers include Repeatability of maximum knee muscle strength measurements determined using a discrete and a continuous protocol for isokinetic testing on the HUMAC NORM Dynamometer and Metabolic consequences of garments worn to protect against post-spaceflight orthostatic intolerance.
Jamie earned her BSEd in Exercise Science/Wellness at Georgia Southwestern State University in 2002. She earned her MEd, Health & Physical Education at Georgia Southwestern State University in 2006. She earned her MBA in Business Administration at Georgia Southwestern State University in 2009. She is currently completing her M.A. in Health Science at the University of Alabama.
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