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James Barrat

James Barrat is the author of Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era.
For over twenty years, this award-winning filmmaker has created documentary films for broadcasters including National Geographic Television, the BBC, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, the Learning Channel, Animal Planet, and public television affiliates in the US and Europe.
James scripted many episodes of National Geographic Television’s award-winning Explorer series, and went on to produce many one-hour and half-hour films for the National Geographic Channel’s Treasure Seekers, Out There, Snake Wranglers, and Taboo series. In 2004 he created the pilot for History Channel’s #1-rated original series Digging for the Truth. His high-rating film Lost Treasures of Afghanistan, created for National Geographic Television Specials, aired on PBS in the spring of 2005.
The Gospel of Judas, which he wrote, produced, and directed, set ratings records for NGC and NGCI when it aired in April 2006. Another NGT Special, the 2007 Inside Jerusalem’s Holiest, features unprecedented access to the Muslim Noble Sanctuary and the Dome of the Rock. In 2008 James returned to Israel to create the NGT Special Herod’s Lost Tomb, the film component of a multimedia exploration of the discovery of King Herod the Great’s Tomb by archeologist Ehud Netzer. In 2009 he produced Extreme Cave Diving, an NGT/NOVA special about the science of the Bahamas Blue Holes. It won 6 million viewers on PBS.
James has also worked as Executive Producer for the Travel Channel, and Senior Writer and Producer for TLC’s historical film series Great Castles of Europe and Great Palaces of the World. He wrote and directed Intrigue in Istanbul, a one-hour special for the Discovery Channel. For UNESCO’s World Heritage Site series, he wrote and directed films about the Peking Man Site, The Great Wall, Beijing’s Summer Palace, and the Forbidden City.
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