Advisory Board

Jako Roux, MBL, M.Phil

Jako Roux, MBL, M.Phil is a Strategy, Business Solutions, Project & Programme Management professional and Systems Thinker with 26 years experience in the successful integration of business strategies and technical solutions. He leverages off local and international management experience and his accomplishments span a range of large-scale programs of work across multiple industries including Telecoms, Financial and Professional Services, Utilities, Production, Education, and Government.
This is supported by substantial tertiary and post graduate education in engineering, business leadership, strategic management, and project management.
With knowledge of how ICT technologies support and compliment business strategies, Jako can assist business and project teams with developing a “forward thinking” approach. In understanding the challenges associated with the ever changing junction between business and technology, teams can build the capacity to make decisions and develop strategies based on “future knowledge”. This results in desired and positive business and project outcomes.
Organizations and the environments they operate in should be viewed as complex adaptive systems. Jako can assist businesses to identify and better understand integration points between various business entities and with their external environment through systems thinking methodologies. Ultimately Systems Thinking provides people and organizations with the capacity not only to do short term strategic or operational planning, but also to understand and embrace longer term sustainable strategic plans.
Jako earned his B-Eng in Electronics at the University of Stellenbosch in 1988. He earned his Diploma in Practical Project Management at the University of South Africa Business School in 1997. He earned his MBA in Strategy and Business at the University of South Africa Business School in 2000. He earned his M.Phil in Futures Research and Strategic Foresight in 2007 at the Institute for Futures Research (University of Stellenbosch).
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