Advisory Board

Jacopo Tagliabue, M.A.

Jacopo Tagliabue, M.A. is Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences at San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy. He has also been working at iLabs since 2006, where he is Chief Scientist of Qualitative Modeling.
Jacopo coauthored the book The Mathematics of the Models of Reference and the paper The Effect of Leverage on Financial Markets.
His areas of specialization are: ontology, philosophical logic, and philosophy of mind. He is also well versed in decision sciences and complex adaptive systems.
Jacopo graduated (B.A.) in Philosophy of Mind and Languages from San Raffaele University (Milan) with a dissertation on formal ontology. He earned his M.A. from the same institution with a final dissertation on scientific explanations in complex systems. The dissertation was titled “Complex Sigillum Veri. An Experiment in Non-Standard Modeling”. He has studied microeconomics at the London School of Economics, statistics at New York University) and complexity at Santa Fe Institute.
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