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Iddo Genuth, M.A.

The article Engine on a Chip — the Dream of the Personal Turbine said

After a decade of work, the first millimeter size turbine engine developed by researchers at MIT should become operational by the end of this summer. The new turbine engine will allow the creation of smaller and more powerful batteries than anything currently in existence. It might also serve as the basis for tiny powerful motors with applications ranging from micro UAVs to children’s toys. In the more distant future huge arrays of hydrogen fueled millimeter turbine engines could even be the basis for clean, quiet and cost effective power plants.
Producing a millimeter size turbine engine poses some unique challenges which conventional gas turbines do not face. To understand some of them we need to understand more about the new MIT millimeter turbine engine design…

Iddo Genuth, M.A. was the author of this article and is the founder and chief editor of the science and technology e-magazine The Future of Things (TFOT). He has a Major in Philosophy and Cognitive Science and an M.A. in Philosophy of Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is currently writing his Ph.D. thesis on the relationship between the scientific community and the industry.
Iddo authored First Look at the Smallest Projector in the World, Nanobatteries — Away with Exploding Batteries, Ionic Wind — Chillin’ the PC, Heliodisplay — Floating Free-Space Interactive Display, Blood Test Lab-on-a-Chip, A New Antimatter Engine Design, The Return of the 3D Crystal Ball, Subvocal Speech — Speaking Without Saying a Word, The Dawn of Holographic Media, and Nano-Armor: Protecting the Soldiers of Tomorrow, and coauthored TFOT Top 2006 Stories in Technology, TFOT Top 2006 Stories in Science, Medicine, A New Model Nanocar on the Showroom Floor Space, BioPen Senses BioThreats, TATP: Countering the Mother of Satan, and A Room with a View of Mars, Please.
He was awarded the 2006 Bar Hillel philosophy of science prize for his work on the relationship between science and technology. He was formerly a correspondent and editor for several high-profile science and technology websites.