Advisory Board

Dr. Hilen Amin

Hilen Amin, Ph.D. is the Vice President of AI Solutions at SingularityNET. He has more than 20 years of experience in product management, data analysis, consulting, and designing AI solutions for Jaguar, BuildDirect, Symphony Teleca, and more.

Hilen is using the latest advances in AI research and has a proven ability to extract the key components from complex problems, allowing them to be solved more easily.

He developed a complete suite of advanced analytic tools to help Sellers manage their businesses on the BuildDirect eCommerce platform, developed the core algorithm for a multi-billion dollar financial futures trading platform, and extended the SymphonyRPM Analytics platform by embedding an AI framework.

Hilen joined BuildDirect as Vice President of Analytics in 2014. He was responsible for the development and integration of BuildDirect’s proprietary analytics, predictive models, and forecasting tools with the online marketplace until 2018 when he focused all his efforts to SingularityNET.

Prior to joining BuildDirect, he held positions in development, product management, and consulting at Symphony Teleca, PROS, and Integral Development Corp., where he managed international teams implementing software solutions to a wide range of verticals including Auto, Pharma, Healthcare, Telecom, Energy, Finance, Chemicals, Retail, and Consumer Electronics.

Before that, Hilen worked for Ikos, a London-based hedge fund manager, where he developed and managed futures and equity trading systems.

Hilen began his career in research working at Cambridge University and Berkeley on novel superconducting tunneling structures. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Electrical and Information Sciences, his Master’s Degree in Engineering, and his Ph.D. in Superconductivity from the University of Cambridge.

Watch his presentation on The Power of Collective AI at Oslo Big Data Day 2019, in which he discussed the problems that SingularityNET seeks to address.

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