Advisory Board

Heriberto Montalvo

Heriberto Montalvo is SAP leader at Accenture.
Heriberto is an internationally experienced consultant with versatile functional skills across industries and a solid technical background. He is an assertive leader with the business acumen for high performance solutions. He embraces challenge and strives for excellence by continuously analyzing ideas and resources.
He was previously an SAP consultant at IBM and Infosys, Systems Engineer at Infosys, business consultant at San Pedro Garza Garcia (Mexico), and business consultant at CDSJ (health care in Argentina).
Heriberto earned his degree in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Monterrey in 2009 (Leadership and Values Diploma) and is certified in Innovation Implementation by Harvard Manage Mentor (Harvard University), Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals by IBM, and ERP technologies by Infosys and SAP.