Advisory Board

Henry B. Augustine

Henry B. Augustine is a serial scholar, entrepreneur, and investor hellbent on restoring justice to Earth by finding, growing, and funding innovation.
His core skills include Business Development, Business Intelligence, Business Operations, Product Management, Account Management, Marketing Strategy, and Corporate Communications. He inputs problems, discovers solutions, formulates plans, and outputs these plans by ensuring the solution is properly built, distributed, and improved.
There is a plethora of untapped good ideas, big and small, that can solve all of humanity’s problems. For every problem, there is an equal and opposite solution. The solution, as an idea, could be a new feature that makes a product 1% more valuable, a new strategy that makes a department 5% more valuable, a new product that makes a company 10% more valuable, a new service that makes a market 25% more valuable. Henry is steadfast on helping organizations harness the power of innovation by administering a methodical, scientific approach that guarantees operational clockwork.
Henry graduated from Denison University with a degree in Communication and Philosophy in 2012.
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