Advisory Board

Henrique Jorge

Henrique Jorge is Founder and CEO of ETER9. He studied IT (Programming and Analysis) in Portugal and was present in the first stages of the Internet revolution.

When there were still no computer courses and only a few companies started in this area, the self-taught Henrique worked in the first computer company in the region. He has successfully driven an IT company for the past 22 years.

When he realized that a computer was not as powerful as he thought and that human intervention was the key, his interest in studying these “all-powerful gods who expressed themselves in black and white” increased.

He is best known for launching the new social network ETER9, which relies on Artificial Intelligence to create a Counterpart – a Virtual Self of every user that learns through usage and stays in the system interacting with the world as the user would even when s/he is absent.

Ever since technology and everything that was futuristic attracted him and so on from the halls of games of the time, going through several episodes of deconstruction and exploitation of computer guts, this entrepreneur of 50 years came to the creation of the social network ETER9. This project, which is known internationally, aims to be more than a social network. Through Artificial Intelligence, it aims to build the bridge between digital and organic, allowing everyone to leave an active digital legacy in cyberspace, including through eternity.

Henrique takes the exploration of AI potential a step further, proposing a concept of digital immortality by merging human thoughts with machines.

Out of virtual space, this married self-made man and father of two daughters devours books, likes to absorb all that he can and thinks beyond Pluto, envisioning a future where the human and the digital are one.

Watch his Challenging the impossible!, TEDxLugano. View his LinkedIn profile. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Visit his web page ETER9.