Advisory Board

Henrik Jonsson, MSc

Henrik Jonsson, MSc is a Rōnin Coder.
Henrik likes efficiency. Things being broken or complex hinder efficiency, so he doesn’t like that and tries to push such systems toward non-brokenness and simplicity, when he can.
He thinks refactoring old messy systems often is better than writing new ones, when the systems are already large.
Henrik likes computers to tell him what he needs to know (such as when he just broke something) rather than needing to search for answers.
He believes in optimizing processes and solid engineering as useful activities, over pushing for getting things done the “quick and dirty” way.
Henrik was previously Site Reliability Engineer at Google, Software Engineer at Google (YouTube), Director at Machine Intelligence Research Institute (formerly Singularity Institute), Software Engineer at Slide, Software Developer at CodeMill, and Visiting Researcher at Machine Intelligence Research Institute (formerly Singularity Institute).
Henrik earned his MSc in Computer Science at Umeå University in 2008.
Read Fick drömjobbet på Google (Swedish). Read his Google+ profile and his LinkedIn profile.