Advisory Board

Hakim Mamoni

Hakim Mamoni is Founder & Director of WorldBridger.
Hakim has loved technology since the tender age of 15 when serendipity brought him in front of a computer for the first time. It was a TRS-80 and it gave him his first taste for coding.
Between 1993 and 2004, he worked in the world of banking and capital markets developing software applications for several investment, commercial, and central banks in England, Luxembourg, France, Greece, and West Africa.
Between 2005 and 2013, he lived in Asia where he learned a new set of skills writing software for a unified telecommunication platform (sms, voip, im) providing services to travelers facing language barrier issues in China.
In late 2012, Hakim started studying the Bitcoin project. The more he researched, the more fascinated he grew. After a few weeks, a new passion was born.
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