Advisory Board

Glynn Burke

Glynn Burke is Owner of, Rescue Assist, and Thinkware Limited. was formed to take an idea from concept to market. The product being developed is a scalable, Internet based, remote telescope network access and control technology for which the company has been awarded two patents. The technology is capable of serving a worldwide audience of science and learning institutions, professional and amateur astronomers, and the public in general.’s technology will empower their audience with real time access and control to remote telescopes located in strategic locations around the world.’s innovative ideas have attracted interest and investment from a member of the Forbes 400 group.
Rescue Assist was formed to take an innovative robotic idea from concept to commercial operation. The robotic device which is the focus of Rescue Assist has a unique ability to maneuver through debris laded environments. Able to navigate collapsed buildings as with earthquake disasters, it will assist first responders to locate survivors and remotely administer necessities of life such as water, air, establish communication, and provide remotely administered medical attention. A Fortune 500 company has entered into an advance purchase agreement. 7% of company profits donated to SENS Foundation.
Thinkware Limited provides applied research and development in the areas of automated motion control. They have produced a specialized CAD system for the rapid design and implementation of materials handling and processing facilities. This system includes 3D simulation of a designed facility and a motion control component to immediately operate an actual physical implementation of the designed facility without additional programming requirements.
Glynn earned his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1978.
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