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Professor Gilly Salmon

Gilly Salmon, Ph.D. is Professor of E-learning and Learning Technologies, BDRA, University of Leicester.
Gilly joined the University of Leicester in the UK in 2004 as Professor of E-learning & Learning Technologies, after 15 years with the Open University Business School. The University of Leicester is heading towards creating a full mixed mode research-led university — with half its 18,000 students on campus and half at a distance. She is also Visiting Professor at Caledonian Business School.
She has two research degrees — one in online training and one in change in education. She is known for her research and practice in the arenas of development and change for creating engaged and successful e-learning processes. Her focus is on designing for participation and intervening for learning using the best of networked technologies.
Gilly is known for her many articles and commentary about the future for learning technologies and as an international speaker.
At Leicester she heads the “Beyond Distance Research Alliance”. The Alliance, based at the University of Leicester, draws together teachers and researchers from a wide variety of areas to research in joint projects and provide for publications and dissemination.
The Alliance focus is to promote a systematic application of the core body of knowledge and principles that have built up around e-learning and integrate new paradigms and processes as they are understood:

  1. Rigorous research methodologies, appropriate for exploiting e for research
  2. Strategy and policy development
  3. The role, training, development, and competencies of online teachers (e-moderators and m-moderators)
  4. Scenarios for the future of teaching and learning with new technologies
  5. Models of change associated with introduction of new pedagogies and technologies
  6. Sustainability and multipliers (‘Cascade”)- beyond projects
Gilly is the author of the work now considered seminal in the field of teaching online: E-Moderating: The Key to Teaching and Learning Online, a 2nd Edition of which was produced in 2004, as well as a recent book about designing for low cost collaboration in all online learning situations called E-tivities: The Key to Active Online Learning.
Gilly coauthored Learning in Groups: A Handbook for Face-to-Face and Online Environments, Fourth Edition, How to Create Podcasts for Education, and Podcasting for Learning in Universities. She is also director of a commercial global online training company All Things in Moderation Ltd.
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