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Gia Milinovich

The article End of the World Scenario said

The Lifeboat Foundation is, in their words, “… a nonprofit nongovernmental organization dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards a technological singularity.”
Their advisory boards include people like Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey De Grey, Ian Pearson, Anders Sandberg, Professor Noel Sharkey, Ed Begley Jr (!)…and Brian. :)
It freakin’ RAWKS!
I’ve been into all of this transhumanist, nanotechnology threat, space threat, (un)friendly AI, singularity, existential stuff for years now. They got in touch with Brian after the release of Sunshine (which is all about existentialism) asking if he’d be interested in being on their particle physics board and I encouraged him to accept their invitation. I don’t know what they do exactly other than stay up-to-date on all the research, talk about all kinds of possible scary shit and try to advise companies and governments, but I’m glad they exist.

Gia Milinovich has worked as a tv presenter, writer, web producer, and new/social media consultant for such companies as 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, BBC, Channel 4, Institute of Physics, the New Statesman, the Royal Television Society, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the Nuclear Industry Association.
She worked closely with Fox Searchlight and DNA Films on Danny Boyle’s sci-fi film Sunshine where she produced the films’ website, wrote articles about the production that explored the themes of the film including solar science, solar mythology, and existentialism (yes, on a Hollywood film site!), and photographed the production behind the scenes.
Her main areas of expertise are computers, technology, the Internet, and science, though she is more than just a geek. She’s worked as a webcomedy producer, film reviewer, sports reporter, travel presenter, and fashion guru. She’s equally at home talking to kids as she is interviewing a roboticist.
Gia authored Sensible Environmentalism, End Of The World As We Know It, The Presumptions of Idiots, Apocalympics 2012, The Honesty of Cluelessness, Why I’m Not a TV Superstar, Nuclear Power in the UK, My 2007, More Fundies, Code Red, Spend Your Days in the Sunshiiiine, I Heart Jeremy Paxman, Global Warming Y2K Bug?!, I Found Him in the Sunshine, Perspective, I Was Almost Killed, BBC Radio London, Catching Sunshine, Lost in Translation, £20,000,000 autograph, and Privacy. Read the full list of her publications!
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