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Garri Zmudze

Garri Zmudze is the founding partner of LongeVC, a venture capital company supporting early-stage biotech and longevity-focused founders. He is the Executive Coordinator at the Longevity Science Foundation and has been the Founder of Longenesis since 2017.

Driven and resilient, Garri is passionate about longevity, aging research, personalized medicine, psychedelic research, web3, and blockchain.

Prior to founding LongeVC, he co-founded Longenesis, a SaaS medical technology startup company providing a technological bridge between healthcare institutions and the BioTech industry. Their tools help identify the hidden value of biomedical data to accelerate novel drug and treatment discovery. Read Latvian startup Longenesis nabs €1 million to speed up the digitization of biomedical research and Longenesis and Bitfury Launch Medical Consent Solution to Accelerate Healthcare Research.

Read How Bitfury’s Exonum Blockchain Is Helping A South Korean Hospital and Bitfury and Longenesis Partner with Medical Diagnostic Web to Deliver Next-Generation Healthcare Blockchain.

In 2021, Garri became the Executive Coordinator of the Longevity Science Foundation, a Swiss and USA-based nonprofit organization advancing the field of human longevity by funding research and development of medical technologies to extend the healthy human lifespan. Their long-term mission is to help make longevity-focused care accessible to everyone. Read Foundation Plans $1B for Longevity Research, The Longevity Science Foundation releases an NFT collection to fund researchers, and The Longevity Science Foundation Launches.

As the General Partner at LongeVC, Garri is an Advisor at IoTeX, helping a leading Blockchain company focused on building a decentralized internet of things (IoT) ecosystem.

Garri invested in Basepaws, a pet health, and genetics company that is using the latest innovations and scientific discoveries in genetics and microbiome research to offer genetic testing kits for cats. The company offers three tests — one which examines breed and health, one for dental health, and a complete genome sequencing test.

The company has flourished and secured additional deals, including from “sharks” Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec on the US television program Shark Tank.

Basepaws has now been acquired by Zoetis, a leading animal health company. Zoetis will benefit from Basepaws’ expansive database of feline genetics, helping to expand its R&D in feline health and inspire future innovations. Read Basepaws acquisition — exploring longevity beyond human health.

He is also Advisor at the Healthy Longevity Medicine Society since 2022 and InSilico Medicine since 2016, where he is advising the CEO and executive team on potential business opportunities and growth trajectories. Read Insilico Medicine to present at Master Investor Show 2018.

Healthy Longevity Medicine Society is a professional medical society promoting education, research, professional standards, and collaboration within longevity medicine. As an advisor, Garri is advising the Society’s governing council on development, collaboration opportunities, and strategy.

Recently he became the Venture Partner at PsyMed Ventures where they focus on mental health and wellness, including psychedelic medicine, neurotechnology, precision psychiatry, and digital therapeutics.

He was a guest speaker at The Cannabis & Psychedelics Investment Summit and at the Wonderland 2022 Conference.

In 2020, Garri became Seed Investor at Deep Longevity, which is developing artificial intelligence tools to track the rate of aging at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, physiological, and psychological levels.

Previously, Garri was Vice President at Pond Mobile, between 2010 and 2017 and the Senior External Advisor at Compass Asset Management in Lugano, Switzerland between 2008 and 2017.

Garri earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration from RISEBA.

Watch Garri presenting at EmergingTech on Decentralized Science and Blockchain in Aging Research.

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Read The 9th ARDD: Longevity Biotechnology Is Gaining Prominence And Credibility In The Pharmaceutical Industry. Read Why longevity matters to everyone: Living longer lives in the world of Web3 and follow his Contributions at Cointelegraph.

Visit his LinkedIn profile and CrunchBase page.