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Gabriele Rossi

Gabriele Rossi graduated summa cum laude in Economics from Bocconi University. He is MENSA member, Diagramma C.E.O., and Director of the iLabs AI department.
Diagramma is a leader in providing software solutions to all the players in the insurance business nationally and internationally. In 2007 Gabriele published, with Antonella Canonico, the volume Semi-Immortality. The indefinite extension of human lifespan.
In the field of artificial intelligence, his area of specialization, he pioneered the invention and business application of many technologies, including the following: automated software agents, chatbot, data compression, cryptography, avatar, models of cognitive processes, semantic search engine, virtual reality, pattern recognition, speech recognition, robotics, expert systems for automated customer care, expert systems for management and work-flow optimization, expert systems for automated financial trading, and self-modifying software.
In physics, he proposed a completely discrete model of space-time that fully supports isomorphism with informational contents.
In mathematics, he developed the theory of “Models of Reference”, a non-standard computational approach designed to model cognitive processes. This is described in the book The Mathematics of the Models of Reference.
In computer science, he created Sistema I, the first Italian database, the core of several successful applications.
In medicine, he created iMed, a framework for the objective measure of biological age, and argued for the widespread adoption of evidence-based methods.
In philosophy, he supported an extreme version of conventionalism and drew the implications of this view in all the relevant fields (ethics, aesthetics, and social theory). He is a public supporter of transhumanism and the Singularity.
In legal theory, he set the core legal principles of a new society, based on the acceptance of conventionalism and devoted to the extension of human lifespan.
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