Advisory Board

Frank Schuil

Frank Schuil is CEO, Cofounder, and Board Member at Safello, City Leader Stockholm at BitAngels, Cofounder at ClickClacks, and Founder at Rhino Ventures.
Safello is a high speed transaction platform tailored to deliver the most frictionless buying experience in the bitcoin market to date. They enable customers in Europe to quickly and easily buy their bitcoins. They are completely compliant with EU and Swedish law.
BitAngels is the world’s first distributed veteran entrepreneur and angel investor group. They are focused on funding the digital currency ecosystem.
ClickClacks is an Amsterdam based fashion company launched in 2010. Founded by two Dutch guys under the pseudonym Crazy & The Lame and conceived on a flight to San Francisco the company is offering bracelets with a twist, literally. The slap bracelets wrap around your wrist perfectly. ClickClacks first product line is made with the highest quality genuine leather and comes in a variety of patterns and colors.
Rhino Ventures is a private investment firm based in the Netherlands, founded in 2012, focusing on value based investments in growth companies across the globe. Their investment strategy varies from passive investments in publicly traded companies in different sectors to active investments in private technology companies.
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