Advisory Board

Foy Shiver

Foy Shiver is Director of Development at Facultech LLC., Deputy Secretary-General at APWG, and CEO & Development Director at Woodstock Clinical Data Systems.
Foy took over operations of the new non-profit Anti-Phishing Working Group in 2003. He has helped develop this organization into a global industry, law enforcement and research group dedicated to countering the growing threat of electronic crime. In 2005, he accepted an appointment as Deputy Secretary-General of the APWG for which he is charged with cultivating the membership base around research to fight internet crimeware and fraud. This role includes cultivation of the APWG’s eCrime Researchers Summit. This annual event works with academia and industry partners to focus projects in the electronic crime area through publication and scholarship monies.
He left a successful career in Lotus/IBM in 2000 to pursue development of new applications in the clinical software field. He was recruited to join KafkaAdaptive, Ltd., a venture-funded UK start-up, as a member of the board of directors and Director of Development. After partial development of some clinical data logistics systems, the UK venture fund dissolved KafkaAdaptive and agreed to the appointment of Foy as President and CEO of the successor company, Woodstock Data. In this role he continues to develop web-driven study enrollment platforms dedicated to automate study cohort formation. Meanwhile, he retains a seat on the technical advisory board of Facultech, a developer of cognitive reasoning skills tests for schoolchildren based on handheld microcomputers.
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