Advisory Board

Evan Huddleson

Evan Huddleson is President of the Entrepreneurship Club at Ohio Wesleyan University.
Evan has interned with the Frankel & Cohen Law firm that focuses specifically on criminal defense, monetary compensation for groups, and providing legal aid for inmates on death row in the state of Illinois. During the summer of 2011, he spent his time interning at the Singularity University as a member of the logistics team. Singularity University is a nonprofit organization that brings together great entrepreneurs and elite members of many different fields to work together to provide radical business solutions for humanities greatest challenges in poverty, education, health care, security, space, and energy.
He was also previously a cofounder and acting CEO of GreekLink, a social networking site with a new approach to connecting college students in fraternities and sororities. Evan hopes that in the future he may start more companies and assist others with projects aiming to take advantage of high end technologies to impact great positive change on the world.
Evan’s specialties include: leadership, marketing, team management, entrepreneurship, law, critical thinking/problem solving, innovation, and philanthropy.
Evan earned his SVMP Certificate in Business Management at Harvard Business School in 2011. He is currently studying Philosophy, Politics & Government, and Pre-Law at Ohio Wesleyan University.
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