Advisory Board

Eugen Leitl, M.Sc.

Eugen Leitl, M.Sc. is a German cryobiologist and transhumanist activist, a computer scientist, and an expert in several disciplines including neurotechnology. He is Owner at AtiVel Ltd. & Co. KG, Network Plumber & Systems Janitor at InfoChem GmbH, and Bipedal Primate at Planet Earth Inc.
Eugen was Senior Chemical Technologist at 21st Century Medicine / Critical Care Research from October 1998 to October 2000. He performed chemical syntheses, chemical purifications, and chemical and biochemical assays and analyses, and interacted with chemical suppliers and other synthetic chemists as needed, designed and evaluated synthetic pathways, and carried out other duties as assigned.
As a typical transhumanist, early and current interests include — in no particular order — cypherpunks and privacy, virtual worlds, nanotechnology, cryonics, computational neuroscience and animal modeling, AI and artificial life in general. Newer activities include participating in the bootstrap of a local cryonics organization, transhumanist community-building and outreach in the current instance of the metaverse, political activism against EU-wide data retention legislation and loss of personal privacy in general.
He authored Information technology issues during and after Katrina and usefulness of the Internet: how we mobilized and utilized digital communications systems and coauthored Vitrification Enhancement by Synthetic Ice Blocking Agents.
Eugen earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Ludwig-Maximilians-Unversität München in 1996 and his Master of Science in Chemistry and Polymer Science at M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1998.