Advisory Board

Emma Brooke

Emma Brooke is Administrator at Groupon UK & IE.
Emma is a philosophy graduate with an expertise in bioethics and the concept of rights, hoping to continue her doctoral research in the field of techno ethics in the coming year. She also has experience working in human rights, looking at Freedom of Information policy in Ghana.
She considers the Lifeboat Foundation to be essential to the flourishing of humanity and the safeguarding of a future in which technology can both protect and enhance our quality of life. She has an active interest in the ethical implications of accelerating technological change, having studied this area as an integral part of her undergraduate degree at the University of London, and as a part of GSP-10 at Singularity University.
Emma earned her BA (Honors) in Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics at the University of London in 2009. She graduated Singularity University with the SU Track of Policy, Law, & Ethics in 2010.
Read her LinkedIn profile and her Singularity University profile.