Advisory Board

Eli Sklar

Eli Sklar is Founder of Safebit Bitcoin which is a new kind of Bitcoin Wallet that is designed for people and puts security as top priority. He is also Founder of Gridct, a Web Architecture Consultancy that specializes in applications design and development, UI/UX, and Mobile Platforms.
Eli was previously Programmer / SEO at K Logic, Lead Programmer at Web Monsters, Programmer at Webs Planet, Senior Front-End Developer at Trade FXL, Client-Side Developer at 5min, CTO at FlixM, Client-Side & UI/UX Advisor at Conduit, NodeJS Developer at Thomson Reuters, Lead Client-Side Engineer at SintecMedia, on the Advisory Board at FlixM, and Client-Side Consultant at Comm-IT.
Eli is committed to creating exceptional products that will engage users in a sensible way.
In the last decade he’s been working on creating and developing cutting edge products using state of the art technology, improving on skills that fit his world view.
Eli enjoys designing products that are smart and useful for anyone who’s involved with them, and help to improve their work flow or daily tasks. He thrives on ideas that others think are impossible or too soon — for Eli the impossible is just around the corner and he’s not afraid to try grab it.
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