Advisory Board

Elaine Walker, M.A.

Elaine Walker, M.A. is Instructor: Sound Design and Synthesis at Collins College, Education & Public Outreach Coordinator at Mars Institute, Co-owner at ZiaSpace Web Hosting, and Founder of the band ZIA.
Elaine is a music producer, performer, and has composed electronic music since 1984. Her band ZIA has been together since 1991 and is described as “electronic-pro-space-pop”. She has volunteered in the pro-space community since the mid-90s and is currently the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Mars Institute.
From 2002 to 2007 she did music editing for cartoons with 4Kids Entertainment including Pokemon and GoGoRiki. Nowadays she teaches electronic music I, II, and III at Scottsdale Community College, and spends the rest of her time doing microtonal music research and inventing new electronic music instruments.
She spends every July in the Arctic with the Haughton–Mars Project. It’s 100 degrees cooler than Phoenix that time of year. She’s writing a non-fiction philosophy book.
Specialties: Elaine is available for performance, either solo or with her band ZIA at space or futurist related events. She can build custom MIDI keyboards and other MIDI devices for live performances.
Elaine earned her Master’s in Music Technology and Computer Music at New York University in 2001 with the thesis Chaos Melody Theory™. Her previous studies included Electronic Music at New Mexico State University in 1985, British Music and Culture at the University of London in 1986, and completing her Bachelor’s in Music Technology and Music Synthesis Production at Berklee College of Music in 1991.
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