Advisory Board

Edan Yago, MBA

Edan Yago, MBA is CEO & Founder of CementDAO. CementDAO is the only decentralized platform that curates and unifies the best stablecoins to provide risk-protection to stablecoin holders. He is also CEO & Founder of Epiphyte which develops enterprise software allowing banks and other financial institutions to securely integrate with the Bitcoin and crypto-finance industry. And he is Cofounder at Enzium.
Enzium develops and markets innovative enzymatic testing technologies with applications throughout the diagnostic and life science industries. Their platform technology is a modular system that can be adopted to quantify, with cutting-edge specificity, the activity levels of most proteases. Their assays can conducted and analyzed quickly and cost-effectively using standard lab equipment.
Edan was previously Consultant at Buyology, Founder and General Manager at Charisma, and Chief Marketing Officer at Gorilla.
Edan earned his B.A. in Philosophy and Rhetoric at Tel Aviv University in 2004. He earned his ABD in Psychology and Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University in 2008. He earned his MBA in Marketing and Technology at Carnegie Mellon University — Tepper School of Business in 2011.
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