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Dhaval Chadha

Social entrepreneur and futurist Dhaval Chadha is based in Rio, where he is a Founder and Partner at Cria. Cria’s goal is to connect and integrate people, knowledge, inspirations, and visions to create sums that are greater than the parts. Their methodology combines approaches including design-thinking, biomimicry, co-creation, integral theory, futurism, and backcasting among others.
Dhaval is also Curator at TEDxSudeste. He previously worked on strategy and innovation in new models and new markets for CDI, the social enterprise that transforms lives and communities using technology. While at Harvard College, he catalyzed large-scale reform of career services.
His Learning Curve provides an insider’s look on being young in the social entrepreneurship sector. It is also a space to investigate where and how other aspiring social entrepreneurs can have the maximum impact.
Dhaval authored the articles Nature by Numbers, Creative Intelligence for a Smarter Future, Beyond Singularities, Impacted 1 billion people in 10 years, Small Change: Why Business Won’t Save the World, Delicious Overload of all things Social Enterprise, Is the BOP a lie?, The Power of Ideas, ICT4D: Where are we headed?, BOP ≠ Social Enterprise ≠ Social Impact, Thoughts on the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP), and Challenges of investing in social change. Read all of his articles!
Dhaval was born in New Delhi, India and earned his B.A. in Social Studies and Portuguese from Harvard University in 2008 and graduated from Singularity University in 2010.
Watch Post-Graduation Fellowship Year – Dhaval Chadha. Cria Global: Salim Ismail w/ Dhaval Chadha, and Why? Read his LinkedIn profile and his Singularity University profile. Follow his Twitter feed. Visit his Facebook page.