Advisory Board

Dean Masley

Dean Masley is Media & Marketing Consultant at Masley Enterprises.
The internet has helped globalize communication, and from this new industries have developed in the past few decades around this global technology.
From this perspective, Dean sees Bitcoin as another global experiment that aims to make the world of finance and money as diverse and innovative as communication.
Dean has always been interested in Graphic Design, not just for the visual element, but because it’s a method to coherently convey sometimes abstract ideas and services. From a marketing perspective, this aesthetic front to services are the response of making services more user-oriented.
With an interest in Bitcoin and experience in graphic design and marketing he marketed his services to various startups in the summer of 2013. He found great services that lacked media and he aimed to help refine the message, marketing methods, and media design itself to spread these useful tools and ideas.
Dean is studying Marketing and German Language and Literature at the University of Delaware.
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