Advisory Board

David W. Hamon, M.A., APF

David W. Hamon, M.A., APF is Director of the US World War I Centennial Commission, a Strategy Consultant at the Foundation for Emerging Solutions, a Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), Adjunct Professor at the University of Mary Washington and Webster University, the Vice President of the Economic Warfare Institute, Director for Strategic Initiatives at Soft Power Solutions, Director and Senior Advisor at BlueLaw International, Consultant on National and International Security at Aqua Analytica, and Senior Associate for International Security Policy at the Cross-Border Research Association.

David earned his Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Vocational Education from Colorado State University in 1978. He earned his Master’s of Arts in Political Science and International Relations from Northeastern University in 1988. While seeking his part-time M.A. degree, David was a full time faculty member in the Department of Military Science and taught US Military History to university undergraduates for the Department of History.

David was a US Army Commissioned Officer for 17 years before retiring in 1995. For almost two years, he was part of the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations, where he aided in organizing support functions of 29 UN peacekeeping and political missions worldwide between 1994 and 1995.

In 1995, David then became Distinguished Analyst and Director for National and International Security and Strategic Research at Analytic Services (ANSER) where in a special government program he seconded to the Defense Department four times in 13 years. As the Senior Policy Analyst, he performed research and analysis for Joint Chiefs of Staff, Navy, and Air Force programs on force protection, antiterrorism, chemical warfare, counter proliferation, and consequence management.

In 2012, he became founding Director and manager of Banyan Analytics Institute within ANSER’s public research institute. Banyan Analytics was created as a Board of Trustees initiative.

While working at ANSER, David in 1999 became a Director of Planning and Strategy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for African Affairs. After almost three years, he joined the Defense Threat Reduction Agency where he served in the Office of Advanced Systems and Concepts (ASCO) that was created as an internal government strategic research and studies office to look five to seven years in the future and address issues, challenges and problems related to Weapons of Mass Destruction

In 2007, he became the Deputy Director for Research and Studies and in 2010, Senior Research Advisor and Chief Scientist at Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

David was a volunteer at Stafford Regional Choral Society as a Board Member, at Foresight Education and Research Network (FERN), VetImpact, and at The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center at the University of Montana as Faculty Affiliate and Senior Fellow.

He lives in the Washington D.C. area.

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