Advisory Board

David Styles

David Styles is Organizer of Cryonics UK, the UK-based voluntary mutual assistance organization for cryonics emergency standby, stabilization, and transport services. In this position, he has labored successfully to strengthen capabilities in the UK and on the continent, and has lately been involved in a project to create a professional Pan-European service.
David’s original academic background is in linguistics, holding a Bachelor’s degree with honors, but he is now pursuing further degree studies in mathematics to take his academia down a more scientific route.
His work background includes military service in the Parachute Regiment, from which position he also went on to be trained as a Combat Medical Technician (CMT), which has provided some transferable skills for his later work in cryonics emergency service provision. Before switching to work in cryonics on a full-time basis, He also worked in the field of Health and Social Care, adding further practical medical background to his field of experience.
Watch Cryonics in the United Kingdom – David Styles On Cryonics. David presented A new development in cryonics standby, stabilization, and transport capabilities in Europe at TransVision 2010. Read his Facebook page. Follow his Twitter feed.