Advisory Board

David Perry

David Perry is Web Administrator at Aristocrat Technologies. He is author of Practical SQL and Hacking Your Body: The Science of Weight Loss.
Dave was previously PC Technician at TechWorks, Chief Information Officer at Dog Tag Heroes, Support Technician II at Verifone, Data Entry Specialist at Loma Linda University Medical Center, Desktop Support Technician at Citi Financial Group, Slot Technician at United Coin Machine Company, and Programmer/Analyst at
One thing Dave loves about the IT field is that there always seems to be an opportunity to do something new. He always likes to be operating at the edge of his knowledge and experience, pushing just a little past what he already knew. The only way to continuously grow is to push a little deeper into uncharted territory each day and he feels that he’s been given no greater gift than to naturally take joy in the thrill of discovery and achievement.
He’s worked in an extraordinarily broad spectrum of IT positions. He’s supported financial transaction processing software, desktop support, done no small amount of server work, and has even broken out the soldering iron a time or two. There’s no corner of this industry Dave won’t go to and very few left that he’s never seen.
Dave earned his Associates of Science in Information Technology at University of Phoenix in 2011.
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