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David C. Moffat

The Sunday Telegraph article Paranoid androids “in 10 years” said

As a depressed machine roaming space in the fictional Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Marvin the Paranoid Android popularized the concept of a robot with feelings.
Computer experts at Glasgow Caledonian University have also been working on giving robots emotions. David Moffat, a computer scientist at the university, has produced robots which experience fear to help them evade other robot “predators”.
“Emotion is very important for humans. For example if a human is chased by a bear, they experience fear and they learn from that experience not to get close to bears. Robots need the same thing,” Moffat said.
“If you have something with no emotion then it has no goals and no reason to get up in the morning. Emotion becomes the reward or punishment that will drive the robot to achieve its goals.”

David C. Moffat is Lecturer at Division of Computing, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom. His main teaching areas are Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science, HCI, and Databases.
David authored Personality Parameters and Programs, and coauthored Analysis of a computer model of emotions, Modal queries about partially-ordered plans, Automated theory-based procurement evaluation, A model of emotions and emotion communication, Interacting with an intelligent planning system using English sentences, Where there’s a Will there’s an Agent, and Modal queries about partially-ordered plans. Read his full list of publications!
He earned a BA (Hons) Mathematics at Cambridge in 1984 and a DipCS at the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1985.