Advisory Board

David B. Bolman

David B. Bolman is Provost at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT).
Dave has dedicated his career to educating technologists who will shape and better our community through the innovations that they help to create. As someone who cares greatly about learning, his work at UAT has had a theme of providing students with exceptional moments and growth through the skills that their professors possess as they create learning spaces. As a technologist, he has worked to create a university where the culture of innovation is celebrated and students learn the tools, techniques, concepts, and responsibilities of applying technology in ways that lift up human society.
During his tenure, UAT has grown from a single classroom of 13 students into a destination private college campus dedicated to advancing society through the wise use of technology. He has written and spoken on the nature of technology as a foundational human force. He also serves on the Board of Valley Leadership and is a member of Arizona Business Leadership and an alumni of the FBI Citizen’s Academy.
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